Monday, May 11, 2015

A Submarine House Sculpture

An illustration from this year made into a 3-D sculpture by designer Chase Ko

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  1. Hello Seth, My name is Lisa (Strumelia). I own a nonprofit social network for mountain dulcimers:
    For 6 years i have used a generic old typewriter avatar for members who do not upload their own avatar pictures.
    You can see how that looks here:
    I stumbled on your cool short story about the talon finger playing the dulcimer and I think your watercolors are great. I wanted to ask you if you would allow me to use a very small square cropped image of your painted dulcimer peghead for my site as the general avatar for members who don't add their own picture. It would look a whole lot better than the old typewirter I've been using for 6 years now. But I would not do it without your permission of course. I made a crop square and adjusted the contrast/saturation to match my new site colors better, I can email it to you for your approval if you are willing to let me use that very small cropped bit from one of your illustrations. I would give you credit for it and name the jpg file with your name, and I'd
    post a link to your story on our site in our "Books, resources" Forum. Please email me at harmonia @ taconic . net if you are willing and i can send you the cropped image I was hoping to be able to use, for your approval. Thanks very much.
    P.S. My site is run with donations only, from our members, I do not take a profit of any kind.